Slappin’ the bass. On video!

So here’s a video of me playing the bass for the first time. J/k on the slappin’. 😛

The band consisted of some World Bank Manila staff and the drums and bass were filled in by my brother and I respectively. This was for the farewell party of WB Manila’s boss.

The bass in the video is faintly heard. Please use earphones and go full blast volume. I made a lot of mistakes with this song during practices, but I think I did pretty well on the gig itself. Uhm, I still needed sheet music because there were more than 10 songs to play then. And it was my first time too. /excuses

The song is Barry White’s You’re the First, the Last, My Everything btw which is a fun dance song. Reminds me of RDJ. (Leave a comment if you know why!) The song never gets old and it’s quality music compared to the present crap.

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