Should I give up on Fallout Shelter?

Months ago, I was frustrated there wasn’t Fallout Shelter for Android. Since I still have my old iPhone, I downloaded the game in it. The game loads ridiculously slow that loading a website with dial-up connection might be faster. Dragging dwellers to other rooms or the wasteland was frustrating. So I stopped playing, but a feel of the game made me want to play it more. (Why isn’t it on the PS Vita or 3DS anyway?) Many simulation games for the phone hasn’t intrigued me until this one. You have to create life in a vault and provide happiness to your dwellers.

August 13 was announced to be the release date of the Android version. I think that news went out around mid-July. I was so excited to have the game, but I was still in Switzerland at the time. If I wanted to be August 13 already that means I would be back in the Philippines. I was torn. LOL Anyway, Bethesda did release the game with no delay.

But the post date is actually on my birthday :3

I had to scroll through the apps list even after specifically searching “Fallout Shelter.”



The first thing to do when you start a game is name your vault. A tutorial on the gameplay follows.




The game seems easy — Assign dwellers to the ‘right’ rooms, have enough to full resources, and keep the dwellers happy. The vault must be protected from raiders and weird insects, animals, and monsters. There are weapons and outfits from lunchboxes. Dwellers sent to the Wasteland can get loot too. Outfits boosts the stats of dwellers. This is a big help for production. The game will give you a good start. Several dwellers will be sent to your vault. Then you have to start a baby-making vault to have more dwellers and resources.






Well, that’s an option. I don’t think you can produce many resources if you have inadequate number of dwellers. Production is slower in an upgraded room with one dweller. More rooms are unlocked as dwellers increase. Dwellers can be renamed to your liking, but I prefer to keep the names of those with very good stats. Otherwise, those I can sacrifice to the Wasteland get my friends Hollywood celebrity names. πŸ™‚

My first and fourth vault is 812.
My first and fourth vault is 812.

I’m near to uninstalling the game after creating FIVE VAULTS. The fourth and fifth vaults were made after clearing the phone’s data. The first three ended up to be some kind of trial — What would be a good strategy to keep my dwellers happy without quickly losing resources often? Since I ended up having too many spawns, resources quickly drained and it was difficult to rush production without incidence when their happiness level is shitlow. The fourth vault started out well with a good number of dwellers and slowly made spawns as I increased my resources until water became a scarce resource. With low stats of the dwellers, it was difficult to keep them alive when production rush fails (F-U, molerats!) and there are raids. I’m not sure which of the three vaults, but I had a vault where most of my dwellers died. Whenn I chose to revive almost all of them, I couldn’t make all my dwellers happy again. They’re like real persons who had difficulty moving on. :/

Kills roaches in about a couple or triple shots.
Kills roaches in about a couple or triple shots.

I recommend Fallout Shelter for those who are very patient and enjoy strategy simulation games. The game works even if you’re offline. There are in-app purchases, but you can survive the game without those. You can get rare and very cool stuff in lunchboxes. The game is 141MB big. Make sure to have enough space before you download it.

I was talking to Ingress pals this morning to keep myself awake at workabout the game. It made me want to play again. But remembering all the fail vaults is making me feel frustrated all over again. Maybe at some point in time… Maybe tomorrow… Or maybe later… I shall play again. Send me helpful tips in the comments section below to force me to get back to the game. πŸ˜‰

Download Fallout Shelter for Android or iOS.

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