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Shitsuji want! and Archie getting married!?

This has been going around Plurk. After many, many, many issues/years of Archie comics, Archie is finally getting married. O_o

Archie getting married!
Archie #600
Shipping date: AUGUST 12, 2009

I had to include the shipping date just because. XD

Beyond this includes spoilers for Mei-chan no Shitsuji. Don’t go further if you don’t wanna be spoiled.

I just finished watching Mei-chan no Shitsuji. I have not read the manga yet, so I can’t say if its storyline is close to the manga. In the live action series, Mei comes from an ordinary family that makes a living out of their udon restaurant. She finds out about the true history of her parents and who she really is after her parents have met an unfortunate incident. Mei is actually the direct granddaughter of a multibillionaire Hongo family. She was then forced to transfer to St. Lucia, a rich girl’s school, where each girl had their own butlers. Her butler is an S-Rank named Rihito Shibata who is played by Mizushima Hiro.

I must say, the selection of guys in this series is good. They’re all better looking than most in the cast of HanaKimi. The funfactor of HanaKimi is yet to be defeated though. All the butlers are likable characters only that Kento is annoying, so he’s at the bottom of the list. *lol* Same goes to the girls, they’re all likable. That also includes Shiori/Lucia. It’s such a shame that people can go psycho because of liking someone. DX Mei (played by Eikura Nana) is a cutie. She’s now second in my list; next to Horikita Maki.

There are two reasons why I watched this dorama. First, Mizushima Hiro is in it and, second, similar to HanaKimi, there are a lot of guys… In SUITS. 😀 The series was so painful to watch. But I had to endure! XDDD; *lol* I suggest you watch it for the same reasons as well. I wonder if they will release a Special. *crosses fingers*

Mei and Rihito
GAH. ♥

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