Shinhwa – Hero

Goodness, I’ve been listening to this song for n times. But it’s all good. DONG WAN’S driving me nuts! XDDD

Only HERO in your mind~

I think that’s right. O___ovv

Last Saturday, I didn’t attend my SEHX (taxation, eco, business mgmt.) class (the reason why I nearly failed my exam earlier) because it was my highschool’s fair and I was tagged along by my friends. I didn’t remember that, actually, if it weren’t for them. The school was still the same. Dusty, old…no new faces except for the grown-up ladies there. ^.~ We were able to watch the second performers of the cheering competition. I think those were the juniors. The competition itself was pretty boring if it weren’t for the FRESHMEN students. Pretty amazing! ^_^ Their pep squad had the loudest voices among the other batches. They had competition while the others did not. *grins evilly to the seniors* Too bad for them, THEY LOST! Welps, our batch is the best though. XDDD We won for two school years in a row. Tsk, tsk. They thought they could match us with that. Heheh. No way in hell.

Oh yeah, Koyasu and cousin were there too. Err, I think I mentioned that before. *lol* I do hope they had a great time. I’m happy, though, that they met my friends from highschool. ^^ My friends in college aren’t that noisy as they are, but I kinda like _noisy_ groups. ^_^;;; After school, we went to Powerplant. It’s too bad Koya and Roel (his cousin) had to leave. -_- We rode Paul’s car on the way to the mall and we looked like we were in a schoolbus. *laughs* For sure if Phoebe was still there too we would be 10x noisier. Hahahhahha~

We almost played Dance Maniax non-stop. Oh yeah, some 2 girls played one time ahead of us and they were boring us. I mean, they should have chosen some lively songs. XP The other girl was even dancing weirdly. We don’t have the right to say anything bad since we’re not experts with that game, but really…you guys should have seen them. XP

My family and I had a party to go to, so my bro and I had to leave by 6. The others (Korky and her bf, Jhan and her bf, and Burigs) also left. The party we attended to had Japanese and Chinese people. No Koreans. *lol* But the Japanese boss of my dad was really friendly. He was trying to persuade me to go Tokyo University. *rofl* Like, DUH! He’ll be teaching CE, so he wants me to be there too. Shift course and stuff. O____O

The hotel where the party was is fab. The pool is fab. The environment is absolutely amazing. I wish I lived there. *lol* There’s even an underground pass to the mall. XDDD Coolies! It’s too bad we’re not rich to live there. We can’t afford that place. *sigh* But if we were to live there…there would be no place for my things. ^.^;;

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