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The writer of the article Breakups are Tradeups has an interesting input on relationships and breakups. I wish the article existed right after my breakup 2 years ago.

Are you making choices that are really making YOU happy?

Not at first, but they eventually do. I make certain decisions in hopes they can give my life some excitement or change. My decisions may be risky, but I learned that if I know the risks and I’m prepared to face them then it won’t be that bad. Things get haywire in any situation when we’re not prepared.

Esther Hicks says that the best gift you can give someone else is your own happiness.

Very, very true. I gave my happiness, but it seems it didn’t mean anything to the other person.

As you let go you will have less drama, less negative energy and more time to focus on you, your goals, your creativity and allowing in new and fun people/situations.

Wallow more and the more you attract negativity. Our body feels heavy and we lose the will to do anything — time slows down or stops. We find it hard to move on. Our family and friends may help us, but the best support we have is ourselves. We must think hard of positivity. Taking small-steps is the best start to keep going.

After a breakup two years ago, I remember spending 3 days wallowing and getting used to the silence. Moving on went easily for me since the “outcome of the breakup” helped. I must not forget the amusement of rl and online friends. XD Everyone saw me happier and livelier that friends of ex were surprised. They questioned if I wasn’t happy with the relationship I had.

If you can really learn and begin to apply what you’ve learned from your past break ups and cultivate a life of doing what you love you can turn your break up into an opportunity to trade up (for a better version of YOU and what you’ve let go of).

Relationships shouldn’t make you forget yourself. It should be an added perk in your life. If the relationship drags you down, then it’s time to evaluate don’t you think? I have seen, known, and met people who became better when they got in a relationship. Yet, life’s not fair. Some of us, including myself, must learn to love ourselves first so we can get that healthy relationship. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), I’m not eager into getting in one at the moment. *sighs* Issues, issues…

Anyway, let’s make this post less sad and serious. Here’s a picture of my office desk a month ago. Still looks the same today. Sayonara to writing space. *lol*

Desk 2010-0305
What my desk looks like last March 5, 2010. πŸ˜€

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