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Second Japanese restaurant discovery: Kenshin

Just near Hanagushi is another Japanese restaurant–Kenshin.

My coworkers wanted to try Kenshin. Since I haven’t tried the restaurant either, I joined them when they invited me. πŸ™‚ I wasn’t curious with it at first because nothing caught my eye each day I see their menu outside when I go to work (or even back home). I also thought they were pricier.

I had Kaisen Don, which is a sashimi rice bowl. I also had Matcha Anmitsu (Php128) that I enjoyed because it had all my favorite Japanese dessert ingredients. πŸ™‚ The Kaisen Don had more fish than rice to my surprise. But what made me want to go back was their Funa Mori Sashimi (Php499).

20180616_212839 Kenshin
Funa Mori Sashimi (Php499)

The boat wasn’t filled down to the bottom with sashimi. You’d notice if you look at the lemon, seaweed, and radish. The sashimi was just more than enough for me. πŸ˜€ I also had Tamago Yaki (Php99). All their “quick” appetizers are only Php99 each.

20180616_212544 Kenshin
Tamago Yaki (Php99)
They look like slippers, don’t they?

20180616_212509 Kenshin
Shoga Yaki Set (Php289)
Comes with salad, fruits, miso, and rice.

I was happy with my food (and so was the boyfriend with his). We had to come back, but with friends this time around.

20180622_195327 Kenshin
Hai thar!

20180622_200602 Kenshin
Kaisen Don (Php359)

20180622_200901 Kenshin
Mega Karaage (Php389)

20180622_200943 Kenshin

20180622_192412 Kenshin
Agedashi Tofu

20180622_192429 Kenshin

20180622_200539 Kenshin
Suki Yaki Set (Php289)



  • All the sashimi I ordered were of good quality and fresh.
  • The chicken karaage was too oily for my liking.
  • I tried the boyfriend’s Shoga Yaki and it was pretty tasty and not too salty, so that was good.
  • The Tamago Yaki is nearly bland.
  • The Agedashi Tofu I enjoyed though. I liked it even without the sauce.
  • A must-try is their chocolate shake! If only… I would have ordered one more. πŸ˜†

I’ll still come back to Kenshin especially for the sashimi serving. There are also some food sharing choices that I haven’t seen in other restaurants like the Spicy Miso Chicken with Cheese Fondue.

20180616_211029 Kenshin

Just look at that! We saw another table order it and it almost filled half of their table. We were torn between this and the Mega Karaage, but the majority chose the latter. Well, there’s always a next time. πŸ™‚

I was wrong about the price. The price range for single orders is from Php250 to Php500. Kenshin’s price is either the same or slightly cheaper than others, but with more serving from what I could tell.

When you follow their LINE account, you can get a reward card and earn points (one point/day only) to get vouchers.

One thing I dislike is how bright it is in their restaurant. Though I’ve spent hours in there, my eyes couldn’t adjust.


The Kenshin I went to was at The Beacon Makati with another branch in Vista Mall in Las Pinas.

Address: Ground Floor, The Beacon, Pasong Tamo cor. A. Arnaiz Avenues, Makati City
Open hours: 11:00AM to 3:00AM
Telephone: +632 7911449

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