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Second Big Mama dinner

I had to go back to Big Mama. Their food is good and servings are quite big that I always underestimate because of the affordable price. So I went there last Saturday for dinner with the boyfriend again and invited one of my girls too.

20170401_200024 Big Mama Dinner

I ordered ra-bokki, while the boyfriend had samgyupsal (PhP300) and my friend had japchae (PhP200). Photo above doesn’t include the pork (or beef?–not sure) with the samgyupsal and o-deang tang. The table was almost not enough for our food. πŸ˜†

20170401_195954 Big Mama Dinner
Ra-bokki, PhP250

Ra-bokki is tteokbokki with ramyeon (instant noodles). Tteokbokki is stir-fried rice cakes that is commonly added with chili paste, fish cakes, and hard-boiled egg. The rice cakes is heavy to the stomach, but chewy and addicting, and helps tone down the spiciness in the mouth.

Back at Big Mama for dinner with my loves. #Koreanfood

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20170401_195453 Big Mama Dinner
A nut that’s phallic. 😐

Our beer came with peanuts, that’s why. ^

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