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School Rumble manga

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading School Rumble manga.


School Rumble is a 22-volume long manga by Kobayashi Jin.


The whole series runs throughout a school year of Tenma and her friends, classmates, her sister Yakumo, and Yakumo’s friends/classmates. Harima is the other protagonist who’s in love with Tenma. He is the most linked guy being he’s a ‘shy delinquent’ who can hardly be direct with his feelings except with Yakumo and he’s often in a questionable situation to which he gets caught most often by Tenma even that makes it more difficult for him to confess. Tenma, on the other hand, likes another boy named Karasuma. Karasuma, a huge lover of curry, is quite strange and quiet though he would often agree to hang out with Tenma when she asks so. His strangeness apparently has a story behind it.

Karasuma during band rehearsal
Karasuma during band rehearsal

The manga started very humorous. Eventually, there would be some drama or catastrophe that would make it near impossible for the characters to be with the person they like even until the end. Well, somewhat. The story became serious in the end and a little out-of-character for the protagonists. The story also gets dragging in some chapters as though the mangaka was trying to figure out how to end it. And the ending… I find to be slightly dissatisfying. I think Harima is the only character, though sometimes stupid, has really changed and become quite responsible. He became a mangaka even. I think he’s based on the mangaka himself. XD;

Ooh, sexay~
Ooh, sexay~

Someone on Twitter tagged me about Justice4Harima. I had no idea fans have been meaning to ask the mangaka for a more appropriate ending especially for Harima. I also want that too. In spite of it all, he does deserve it. πŸ™‚

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