Saturday night with the ladies I love

I went out with Jey, Phoebe, and Joiz last Saturday. As Jey puts it, the night was FOR THE LAB OF SHABS. LOL Phoebe wanted just dinner, but I said I want to have mixed drinks. It took us more than a day to decide where to go. Our options were either Makati or Fort. Joiz suggested Burgos Circle at the Fort and we decided to go with that since we’re often in Makati. Phoebe picked me up from home and we headed to Burgos Circle a bit early so we could choose a restaurant. Phoebe and I settled with Henry’s because they were affordable and I wanted noodles. πŸ˜€ Henry’s was a good choice! I ♥ the Chicken Chow Mien. Their Tunaquittos was alright and if I hadn’t forgotten to put the caviar on it then it might have tasted awesome. I wanna go back to Henry’s! Phoebe? Joiz? πŸ˜€

Joiz followed right after Phoebe and I placed orders in Henry’s while Jey arrived around 10PM after her wedding stint.

Joiz, Phoebe, and I took our time at Henry’s. We took advantage of the wifi (LOL) to look for a place to have drinks AND dessert. Being that most nearby restaurants and bars didn’t have menus available online, we decided to just walk around to look. Rue Bourbon and Izumi were included in our choices, but Rue Bourbon seemed cramped and it was noisy and Izumi was full of youngsters. We ended up at Casa Marcos because they have a pandesal bar. LOL It was another good choice. Their drinks are cheap, there weren’t many people, they have outdoor tables, and they have wifi. Their ice cream pandesal, btw, is a must try! Even though we only got a little taste of it thanks to Joiz. =_= Casa Marcos must have ran out of ice cream.

We saw Phoebe’s friends — Kim, Magic, and Ralph. I’ve known Kim and Magic since years ago, but I only saw them again that night. ^^;;;

@joiz's Ice cream pandesal!
Ice cream pandesal

Jey's 012 Jey's 008

Jey's 009 Jey's 011

HS Friends & Joiz 009
Top to bottom, left to right: Joiz, Phoebe, Jey, Kim

We stayed until 2AM. I am disappointed at CBTL Burgos Circle and the “green Starbucks” because they were already closed. I expected at least the latter to be open until 3AM.

Good times. Fun times. I’m very thankful. πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to hang out again with the lovely ladies again soon.

Some pictures taken from Jey’s camera. πŸ™‚ See the rest here.

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