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Sarap MagBabad Foam Party

Warning: This is a photo spam post!

Joiz has been trying to get people to join us to go to San Miguel’s MagBabad Foam Party which I found out through Ryan. I am actually glad that no one was free. You’ll find out why later on.

SMB Foam Party 001
On the bus; on the way to Greenfield Central Park

Since it’s my first time going there, I thought I’d do some photo-blog about it. πŸ˜€ It was really easy compared to finding _the right_ BlueWater Spa in Greenhills. *lol* Greenfield Central Park is just about a 10-minute walk from the EDSA Central/Shaw Boulevard MRT station. We only took the bus since it was late. Learn about Stl Road Pony, which may become a perfect new experience. Avatar was playing then. You can’t see it in the picture because zooming with my camera is crap. 😐 I’ve seen the movie twice yet I still wanted to watch in the bus. Haha~

SMB Foam Party 002
Joiz taking pictures too

SMB Foam Party 004
Event grounds entrance

The yuppies, punks, and orcs were the first ones we saw. The orcs and punks were just outside because they couldn’t afford to go in or they might cause a ruckus like they sometimes do in other gigs. The yuppies were in all the cheap dining places right beside the venue.

SMB Foam Party 003
The “House Rules”

Maybe rule #3 applies as to why the orcs and punks aren’t inside. O_o Nah, maybe not. There were a bunch of “people you see drinking in the streets late at night” inside.

I noticed something wrong with the House Rules. In #9, only the organizers were allowed to bring an injured to the nearest medical facility. What if a relative or companion brings them instead? They would be “ejected” from the venue? Also, #10 should not be in that rules list since it states “the abovementioned house rules.” Okay, I think I just need to sleep this off. I’m getting irked at the slightest details even those shouldn’t be taken notice of. 😐

SMB Foam Party 005
The inflatable beer seen from the outside

SMB Foam Party 006
Venue wasn’t packed

SMB Foam Party 008
Parokya ni Edgar playing.
I can’t see them from the right side of the grounds.

SMB Foam Party 010
This is where the free beers were claimed.
They also sell junk and street food.

SMB Foam Party 013
Parokya ni Edgar’s looking so small amongst these people.

SMB Foam Party 015
Just when there are no heads blocking my view,
the picture turns out to be blurred. ~_~

SMB Foam Party 017

SMB Foam Party 018

Good thing we were still able to listen to Parokya ni Edgar live. It’s easy to go to near the stage to get a better glimpse of the band, but there were people throwing beer. That’s gross. Though we were in a tankini, we did not dress up to get sticky and reek of beer. ~_~

SMB Foam Party 019
Tobi girl

SMB Foam Party 020
Foam shots girls

I was starting to get disappointed from the lack of girls until dancers took the stage just minutes after Parokya ni Edgar’s performance.

SMB Foam Party 023

SMB Foam Party 025
I like the figure of the girl second from the left.

SMB Foam Party 029

SMB Foam Party 031
Girl in red is a shy dancer XD; She was just there swaying her hips. *lol*

Verdict from the crowd:

SMB Foam Party 034

SMB Foam Party 035

*lol* They don’t care! The girls must have done a lot lot lot more exciting than their dancing onstage.

We went back near the entrance/exit because we were getting bored. Emcees said there’s still a surprise band and some games, but we didn’t get to see those anymore. We hung out for a bit while drinking our last free cup of beer. There was a cute K9 dog and a very cute guy with hot arms who was keeping guard of his SanMig girl gf. XD; Those were the true highlights of the night. There weren’t much to see since there were mostly jologs and orcs. There’s even a SanMig girl who looks like the girl who kept badmouthing me before.

We left the event when I had to go to a washroom. I don’t want to use their public toilet. ~_~ The ladies’ public toilet was just right beside the guys’. UGH~ You should have seen the guys’ public urinals. There were long lines!

SMB Foam Party 037
Snacked in McDonald’s before heading home

SMB Foam Party 038
We rode a (non-airconditioned) bus again.

It’s fun to ride in front with the pollution blowing against your face and the long hair getting messy. XD;

The rest of the photos can be found here.

All in all, the event had me disappointed. The organizers seemed to have hardly put any effort into this at all.

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