San Pedro Macati Church

San Pedro Macati Church was constructed in 1620 with baroque architecture. It was destroyed during the British occupation of Manila in 1762 then reconstructed in 1849. In 1899-1902, the Church was a hospital for American soldiers. I found old photos, which I included later on in this post.

20141024_085210 San Pedro Macati Church
Inside San Pedro Macati Church
The reredos, I read, is still the original.

20141024_085224 San Pedro Macati Church
The Church’s altarpiece is image of Virgen de la Rosa

I took these photos of San Pedro Macati Church for a journal/write-up on Makati’s heritage conservation efforts three years ago. Surprising, isn’t it? For an old Church to exist in a highly urbanized city.

20141024_085550 San Pedro Macati Church
Can’t photo the Church from this far without the electric cables 🙁

San Pedro Macati Church in 1899 and 1902

This is how the Church looked many years ago. The church bell was included at one of its restorations.

Color Photos of the American’s New Possessions 1900 (Philippines)    (39)
5 February 1899
20141024_085524 Plaza Cristo Rey
Plaza Cristo Rey, across the Church

San Pedro Macati Church is located at D.M. Rivera St., Poblacion, Makati City.

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