Review: Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge in Ultra Trouble and Ultra Appeal

One of Dior’s big launches this year is the Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick.


Ultra Rouge claims to be the first incredibly long-wearing lipstick with the comfort of a lip ink; it is lightweight, has an ultra-comfortable formula, and all the color of a high-pigmentation lipstick.

There are more than 20 shades available including some unconventional shades, such as black and white that are supposed to be color changing shades.

The lipsticks come in the usual Dior rectangular lipstick case,Β  yet instead of deep blue or black in color, it is a beautiful red. The lipstick itself isn’t the typical bullet-type. It is similar to the Dior Addict Lacquer Stick probably because the formulation is balm-like.

Dior Ultra Rouge 587 Ultra Appeal and 436 Ultra Trouble

Dior Ultra Rouge 436 Ultra Trouble

The first shade that caught my eye when I saw the initial swatches (of lucky people!).

Dior Ultra Rouge 436 Ultra Trouble

Dior Ultra Rouge 436 is a semi-matte orange-red lipstick. Its pigmentation is fine,Β  but still not enough for fuller color. I always have to layer this. It feels like lip balm upon putting on, but sets with a lightweight feel. I sometimes feel like the lipstick has already come off when it’s still intact.

The lipstick can survive drinks with only minimal transfer. Not through a meal though. My lips are sometimes left with just an outline of color, so I do need to retouch after eating most often. Good thing it is just easy to apply.

I haven’t experience bleeding or feathering.

Dior Ultra Rouge 436 Ultra Appeal

(I love the shade names. πŸ˜€ )

Dior Ultra Rouge is a muted plum shade that has a semi-matte finish. This is now one of my every day or go-to shades. It’s pigmented that goes on smooth with no tugging. Similar to Ultra Trouble–it feels like a lip balm, lightweight, and doesn’t bleed or feather. However, this stays on longer and better than Ultra Trouble.

Dior Ultra Rouge 587 Ultra Appeal



Dior’s claim for Ultra Rouge to be long-wear is untrue and to be highly-pigmented is an overstatement. This is like a subdued version of Dior Addict Lacquer Stick.

But, overall, the Ultra Rouge is pretty decent. I like it and would recommend for reasons of comfortability and no-fuss application. I only wish there is a diverse range of colors available here as I only saw a variety of reds.

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