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Rooms photo spam again + a question to collectors


More here

Are those sticky notes?

I want the Popeye head!
I want Popeye’s head!

Damn, I have to meet my oil tycoon so I can have this kind of house. XD

Dad’s former boss has a chair like that — with a shelf underneath.

Mario bedroom
I like! Only because it’s Mario-themed.

I don’t like a pink room, but that fridge-lookin’ closet is nice. Want!

And a Bookshelf annotation that I want in my room:

Quote shelf

As soon as the family starts renovating the floor we live in, I have to think of what to dispose and how to re-organize my stuff. I also have to think of another way to store boxes of my toys and figures. Toy/Figure collectors, how do you deal with boxes? Do you throw or keep them?

If you missed my previous photo spam of rooms, here they are:
Interiors — bedrooms and a kitchen
More room cleaning motivation :3
Another year older

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