Rings, Holy Week, and Monday pool fun

My Dad came from Bangkok a few weeks back and he got me a couple of rings. He must have noticed that I like to collect them.

Rings 2012-04

I remember “Enter the Dragon” (Bruce Lee’s movie) with the dragon ring. LOL Dad’s officemate wonders why I like a ring with a scary-looking design. ^^;;; The flower one is a nice contrast to the former. I’m so glad both fits my FUCK YOU finger. Gyahahaha~

I bought a lot of rings last year which I took pictures of. They make great practice for macro shots. As usual, I haven’t gotten around to posting them here. I shall do so as soon as I find all the pictures. Btw, late HAPPY EASTER greetings! I was busy playing L4D2, Devil May Cry 4 (I almost typed Detroit Metal City being they both have the same initials), and Mortal Kombat (in the PS3) last Sunday. Very productive, huh? Well, I wasn’t in the mood to do much because of the awful heat. It seems it’s often hotter during Holy Week, don’t you think?

To add to the long no work week was Araw ng Kagitingan the other day. The usual suspects and I came up with a surprise party for Marco, but he couldn’t make it. Ah well, the plan must still go on! We had a pool on the rooftop and some squirt guns courtesy of Joiz(chichibells).

Rooftop pool Sora Beating the heat - first take
Water fun with @joizdotorg @joizdotorg beating the heat Gold! Ice cream

Kat and Drew took charge of the food. We kinda pigged out which I have mixed emotions on. I have to work out twice as much for a few days to make up for all that NOM NOMs. LOL

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