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Revoltech Yotsuba

I have been wanting this for ages, so I bought it on one payday after seeing it in a nearby toyshop. If you haven’t read the Yotsubato! manga, then you should. You’d wish your future daughter would be like her. She’s the cutest character I’ve come across. 😀

Yotsuba Box 001
Still in the box

Yotsuba 002
Outside the box — complete with the paper and such

I wish it came with more faces/facial expressions other than just the angry and happy faces. But with its price, I think this is enough. What’s really fun is that you can make her pose in any way you want. Except you hafta make sure she doesn’t fall off or her stand can handle the pose you want her in.

Yotsuba 003

Yotsuba 007

Yotsuba 008

Yotsuba 012
Angrily omm-ing a popsicle XDDD;

Yotsuba 017

More here although I have posted mostly everything. Haha~ I also took shots of Ricky and Yotsuba together.

Ricky and Yotsuba 005

Yotsuba must be hella pissed with that expression Ricky has.


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