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Revoltech No. 141 Domo-kun


This isn’t in my wish list, but I bought it because it’s hard to find and I don’t know anyone else who owns one. ^^;;; Though this purchase cost beyond more than I should have shelled out, I’m actually glad I bought this fella. Domo-kun is a perfect mascot for my photos. 🙂



The Revoltech Domo-kun includes four sets of eyes, another pair of hands, bowl of rice, flat-screen TV, TV remote control, microphone, chopsticks, small container, and a stand with extra joints.

My migraine kept me from taking better photos in a better location. I also got lazy to move things from our dining table.

Those legs look weird at first, but all those joints make him more movable and posable than he’s supposed to be. The toy is actually heavier than it looks too which makes it easy to stand or even sit.

Similar to my other Revoltechs, there’s always that one problematic joint. Then I figured I only needed to turn the part counterclockwise or contrariwise to remove it without the joint.

So much feels

This closed eyes has to be my most favorite

I would love some shut-eye now too. 😛 Revoltech Domo-kun cost PhP1800. I don’t want to check how much it is originally because that will break my heart. But, as I said, this is worth the penny. Those eyes and microphone are enough for me unlike some Revoltech that cost this much but with one accessory.

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