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Revoltech Yamaguchi Series No. 141 Domo-kun

The Revoltech Domo-kun wasn’t on my wish or buy list, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw it. 😀 Production of Revoltechs is often one-time, I believe. It would be a mistake not to get this even though it cost more than I hoped it was. For the love of Domo. LOL! He’s also the perfect “mascot” for my photos. 😀

Revoltech Domo-kun
Revoltech Yamaguchi Series No. 141 Domo-kun
Revoltech Domo-kun

Revoltech Domo-kun includes four sets of eyes, a pair of hands, a bowl of rice, flat-screen TV, TV remote, microphone, chopsticks, a small container for the Revoltech parts, and a stand with extra joints.

Revoltech Domo-kun
When I watched Domo’s short series, he always watched the weather as seen on that TV too

I thought the legs looked weird at first, but all the joints make him easier to move and pose than he looks. The figure is also heavy and probably the heaviest Revoltech I own that the stand couldn’t carry it.

Like my other Revoltechs, it also has a problematic joint. It seems too tight that it’s difficult to rotate. Eventually, I figured how to go about it, but it’s still scary moving the part. I might break the joint. ._.

I bought the Revoltech Domo-kun at Php 1800. As of writing (updating this on 24 April 2020), this is actually cheaper than most Revoltech figures. On the other hand, the figures now might be more expensive than they were.

Further Details and Availability

Release date: 15 April 2014
Sculptor: Yamaguchi Katsuhisa
Figure height: 100 mm
Background: Domo, which is a monster but cheery one, is NHK’s official mascot.
Official website: NHK Domo
Availability: Kaiyodo on Amazon

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