Revoltech Danboard Renewal Package
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Revoltech Danboard Renewal Package Box

I scored this Revoltech Danboard Renewal Package Box when I went to Hong Kong last year. It was a lucky find. πŸ™‚

I saw the first Revoltech Danboard release years ago (can’t remember when exactly), but I bought the Mini Amazon Danboard instead. I thought it’s cuter. πŸ˜› But I couldn’t get the former off my mind for weeks. When I thought of giving in to the temptation, it was too late because it was out of stock in all the local hobby shops. So, when I saw this in Hong Kong by accident since I was visiting toy stores, I had to get it.

Typically, I’d find a cheaper seller. Heck, as if I had a choice. It was either take it or leave it. LOL! I learned Revoltech usually releases items one-time only. πŸ˜› At some point, I did find out that I already got a good deal.

Inside the box: Danboard and Miura’s head with an 8-mm joint

The Revoltech Danboard Renewal Package Box includes a 130-mm Danboard, Miura’s head with an 8-mm joint, and a base. Not many swappable parts, unlike my other Revoltech. The Danboard figure has articulations in the neck, shoulders, and legs. Its eyes also light up, powered with an LR44 battery.

Revoltech Danboard Renewal Package

Miura is one of the characters in the Yotsubato series. She wears the cardboard supposedly to play with Yotsuba; however, it has a different effect, freaking out Yotsuba all the time.

Revoltech Danboard Renewal Package

Danboard’s arms have limited movement because the head is huge, which isn’t a problem for me. On the other hand, I like it balances better, and its eyes light up brighter than my Mini Amazon Danboard. πŸ™‚

“How do I get down?”
Revoltech Danboard Renewal Package 008v2

The Revoltech Danboard Renewal Package Box is my most favorite among my Revoltech collection. I use it most often as a muse for my photos, though I never use Miura’s head. LOL

Further Details and Availability

Release date: 2013
Sculptor: Tomohide Enoki
Figure height: 130 mm
Official website:
Availability: Amazon

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