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Revoltech Arch Gurren Lagann

Early August, I reserved for a Revoltech Gloomy Bear as a birthday gift to myself. I ended up with an Arch Gurren Lagann because the store overlooked my reservation and sold off all their stocks of the Gloomy Bear. -_- Contacting the shop was such a headache. Their contact number and email addresses were of no use. I had to ask some contacts a way to get in touch with the shop or its owners. Thank goodness somebody was able to help. Thanks also to Plurk or I might still be at lost today.

Arch [Nikon] 002

Arch [Lumix] 001

Inside the box is Arch Gurren Lagann itself, display stand parts, extra hands (open-fist), neon green-colored punch effects, and a 10-point Revoltech token. This figure is bigger compared to the Ricky and Yotsuba Revoltechs I have. I guess that what makes it more expensive compared to them other than its nice details.

Arch [Lumix] 014

Arch [Lumix] 022

Arch [Lumix] 026

Arch [Nikon] 007

Arch [Nikon] 014

The joints are easy to move and rotate although it’s so hard to keep the figure standing up. The display stand wasn’t much of a help. It should have been heavier and thicker in my opinion.

Arch [Lumix] 007
Display stand

Took me an hour to get a hang of positioning the figure. There’s a limited number of positions it could do, but there are times the Arch Gurren Lagann can stand on its own without the stand. ^_^ The rest of the pics from the (simple) shoot are here. I used a Nikon D80 and Lumix FS5.

The Arch Gurren Lagann (and its other transformations) is probably the only other mecha that I like other than Gundams. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is one series I enjoyed, so I have been wanting to get some of its merchandise. I’ll get a Yoko next time. 😀


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