Reading and Podcast Apps

Reading and Podcast Apps

I haven’t posted about any apps I use in a long time. This post has been in my to-write list, but I couldn’t get the motivation to get to it until now. With screen recording in the iOS11 update, sharing anything related with my phone is now easy. πŸ˜€

I tried to limit myself to a few reading and podcast apps, so this isn’t a long list.


I switched to Feedly the moment Google killed Google Reader in 2013. It was the most suggested free RSS reader, although it didn’t have some features Google Reader had. But, it was better than nothing. Five years later, Feedly has a better-looking UI with more features.

Download Feedly on Android or Apple.

Google Play Books

I have a Kobo Glo, but I also use my phone and tablet and for ebooks especially for those in PDF format. Google Play Books is not the best ebook reader app out there. Its convenience is what makes me use it. I can upload ebooks in the website. I can add books from Google Drive too. As long as the app is installed across all my devices, I can access all ebooks I added in it. Books may be purchased through Google Play.

Reading and Podcast Apps

Other ebook apps I used before were Kobo, Kindle, and Moon Reader.

Download Google Play Books on Android or Apple.


I use Pocket for articles and blog posts for later reading or keeping as reference. My Pocket includes mostly inspirational, self-help, and productivity links with some about makeup, anime, and gaming.

Pages saved are viewable in “Article” and “Web” views. Article is a stripped version of the page and shows only the text, while web is the actual page version. Images and videos show even in Article view. Pocket’s weekly email newsletter is probably the only one I like among my other email subscriptions. Their newsletter contains articles related to my interests, top saved articles, and other recommendations.

Reading and Podcast Apps

If you like to read from informative and news sites as well as blogs, but sometimes just don’t have enough time, Pocket is a must. You’ll love it too.

Download Pocket on Android or Apple. Firefox and Chrome browser extensions are also available.


My friend and I did podcasts before, and I was a guest in a few. I was so awkward. πŸ˜†

To be honest, I wasn’t really into podcasts until I got my iPhone 7+. I was curious. My Japanese reference sites also talked about podcasts. So I checked the Podcasts app in my phone because I didn’t want to download another (most were either paid or free with ads) and I heard there’s a lot of choices in it. The first channel I subscribed to was Myths and Legends because I’m really fascinated with myths.

Reading and Productivity Apps

I followed a couple more podcasts, but I still go back to Myths and Legends all the time. I follow an unsolved crimes channel and the stories always suck out my energy and good vibes.

Podcasts should already be installed in your iPhone or iPad, but if it’s not, get it here.


My other podcast player is Spotify, which is also my music player of choice. I wouldn’t have known it has podcasts if Myths and Legends hadn’t mentioned. Channels are few, but I hope there would be more in the near future.


Download Spotify on Android or Apple.

Other apps

I also have iBooks and Manga Storm in my phone, but I don’t use them. Manga Storm’s UI is confusing and a lot of manga I try to load in it just won’t regardless of data connection. How I wish Perfect Viewer is available for Apple. It is my choice for manga reading. I use it in my Android tablet and old phone. Which is why I’ll still get an Android–a tablet at least–in the future.

That’s all the apps I use. See how few it is? πŸ™‚

If you have a recommendation for a manga reader for the iPhone, please let me know. I would love to read on the go again. Also, podcast channels you’re currently into, so I can check them out too.


  • Euri

    Oh, I recently moved my feeds to Feedly too. I used to use the one from WordPress, but it’s somehow failing me, for some reason so I switched.

    What note taking app do you use, btw?

    • Shabby

      Was it possible to add non-Wordpress sites in the I didn’t use that because I thought it would only allow WP-powered sites.

      For note-taking, I use Google Keep or Trello. Depends on what kind of notes.

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