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Qee Designer Collection Series 6

Toy2R released the Qee Designer Collection Series 6. It includes designs by Frank Kozik, DGPH, Peskimo, Lisa Petrucci, Doink, Daniel Jarrett, DrilOne, Raymond Choy, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Cameron Tiede, and Charlie Mewshaw.

The cafe I frequented at sold several blind box collections, including this Qee Designer collection. I snagged three blind boxes from it (since that’s all the cafe had left). I must say, I could be lucky because I got all I wanted from the series. 🙂 Well, all of them except Peskimo. Also, each keychain is 2.5 inches tall and comes with a sticker of a different character.

Raymond Choy’s Doggy Qee with Peskimo sticker
Raymond Choy’s Doggy Qee with the keyring and Peskimo sticker
Other mystery figures in Series 6. It also shows the number of each figure per box.

Doggy Qee

The first box I opened contained Raymond Choy’s Doggy Qee and a Peskimo sticker. I may not have gotten the Peskimo keychain, but at least I got a sticker. XD;

Raymond Choy’s Doggy Qee
It looks like the Punisher, isn’t it?

Pinkeye Boxee

Designed by Charlie Mewshew, it comes with a Toyer Scout sticker.

Charlie Mewshew’s Pinkeye Boxee
It has been the “mascot” of my food photos. 🙂

Nocturnal Decay Boxee Qee

Lastly, I got Nocturnal Decay Boxee Qee by Cameron Tiede. I think it came with a DrilONe sticker.

Cameron Tiede’s Noctural Decay Boxee Qee

Qee Designer Collection Series 6

My original blog post about the keychains was in 2012. It’s been that long already, yet my surprise, when I saw the collection is still available. The following websites still sell them per blind box.

The figures are too cute! It’s my first time to see what the rest look like.

Qee Designer Collection Series 6

The keychains are still with me. I should put them to good use, maybe?

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