Punk band practice and Trans Sport Show

If given the opportunity to visit, I wanna go to Abbey Library St. Gallen, Switzerland:

Abbey Library

and Wiblingen Monastery Library in Ulm, Germany:

Wiblingen Monastery

We should have visited the Abbey Library when we were in Switzerland, but I guess I’d be too young to even remember that. -_- Check the other 18 most beautiful libraries here.

The punk band is truly materializing now. ^_^V First practice was last Saturday afternoon at E-Music Band Rehearsal Studio. Maru, Marco, and I were present. Lem was around as our audience and critique. PRACTICE WAS A SUCCESS! (I sucked though.) We only need the bassist and we can take over the world. *rofl* Marco said there are 3 lined up for that — the still unnamed guy bassist, Toni, and Joiz. We’re still on the look out for other bassists in case the three can’t really play with us. =_= We practiced two songs of which I suggested. They’re not punk songs, so we had to butcher them. *loL* I must say, Karen Carpenter’s singing is such a challenge. How can she sing so low and then high? ~_~ Practice was from 4PM to 6PM then we headed to SOMS for dinner. We stayed long there due to the rain. I wanted to go to PowerPlant for a bit, but if I did, my brother and I would have witnessed the fire/explosion that happened in the mall. D:

Marco went ahead. Lem, Maru, and I had to walk further Kalayaan because I needed change for the cab. I looked around the tiangge; found a pleated, plaid skirt that was expensive considering it’s only from a street stall. I also found MAONG PANNIES. ^_^V They’re actually way short shorts (pekpek shorts) that’s tattered and, considering how little cloth was used to make it, it’s shockingly almost as expensive as the skirt. *facepalm* I just bought two BLURAY DVD movies for the brother (Step Up and Fast & Furious 4). Before leaving the area, we passed by in front of RINGSIDE. I asked their security officer how much the entrance fee is. He said it’s free and I could go inside if I wanted to. I was ecstatic! Gad, I was more than excited compared to Maru and Lem. HAHA~ The wrestling event has not started yet, but there were girls already dancing on two rings.

Being in the red light district, every guy would probably think that any girl seen standing there is already a hooker. D: While I waited for cab with Lem and Maru, two old guys passed behind me. They smiled and winked at me. ~_~ It prolly didn’t help that I was wearing high-heel sandals and shorts. They must have thought the two picked me up. >_>;;;

The following day, I went to the 18th Trans Sport Show with Maru. It was a walk-for-a-cause in heels under the effin’ heat. ~_~ Anyway, we checked the cars, girls, and took pictures. My most favorite shot is with a spray can mascot. *lol* Then we got balloons for poking purposes. *ROFLMAO*

We were supposed to head back to Glorietta to meet ‘rents when someone from PPLI stopped us and offered a raffle for $10K and a Honda car. Maru wanted to try his luck, so we went with the guy. The catch was to listen to a 45-minute presentation that turned to be a 2-hour long. >_< We were so pissed, but can hardly do anything about it. We tried various tactics including the TRUTH that we hadn’t eaten lunch. The lady (aka our consultant) babbled on. Sheesh~ Did she think that I would just agree with whatever she’s offering me, so that she would shut up? No way. The more they let me be hungry for long, the more I wouldn’t want to. I didn’t want to be a biatch since they know our name and stuff. After all their forcing (and our acting), we were able to leave but with only a tumbler. UGH. How can they expect me to say anything good about them now? The headache didn’t stop there. MRT guards didn’t let us ride the train because of the balloons. I didn’t want to throw them ‘coz they’re for Marie! So we just rode the bus. It was an option being there weren’t any traffic. Only Maru’s not too happy about it because he had a McDonald’s party to go to. ^_^V

The weekend went great until the end, didn’t it? LULZ

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