Pumpkins and homeworks

The closest thing I’ve done to celebrate Halloween was take pictures of my officemates with these pumpkins in front of the House of Representatives’ office:

Pumpkins 2010-1028 001
The pumpkin with the hat rotates πŸ˜€

They were display only for one night, so it was good I was able to take pictures while they’re still there.

Pumpkins 2010-1028 002

Pumpkins 2010-1028 003

Pumpkins 2010-1028 004

Sadly, I have no picture with ’em pumpkins. πŸ™

Some time ago, DepEd issued that elementary students not be given assignments over weekends. I find that unfair and unhealthy. Imo, it’s only a matter of how heavy and many the assignments are. I survived my elementary days with assignments. Even heavy at that. It gets tiresome though. We learned to tell some teachers if they could reschedule the assignment they want to give us to another day because we already have a heavy one to work on that weekend. It was alright with them. Though, of course, I don’t think all teachers are that approachable. Assignments should still be given at least from time to time. They will serve as preparation for their high school as well as not turn them into lazy bums. LULz~ I’m blogging about this because I read this article. I’m not happy with it as I find that it leans towards to agreeing about not having assignments at all. If we can do it back then, the kids today should too. Technology even makes it easy for them even.

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