Pretty much about last week + plugs (including dA)

Woo-hoo! Congrats, Lomomanila! πŸ˜€ Astig! Too bad I wasn’t able to join them. I was too busy that time and kinda unaware of the schedule of events. -_- Next time I’ll be sure to join… I did get to join the Lomomanila party though. I wonder what happened to the shots before the Lomo party. O_o?

Much has happened last week that it felt like 2 weeks passed. Two Sundays ago (May 18, right?), my boyfriend and I watched Iron Man. ♥ Seeing Robert Downey Jr. gave me an orgasm. *roflmao* J/k! Seriously though, not only is he an eye-candy, the movie is overall great. I can watch it a lot of times and never get tired of it. *sighs* RDJ is ♥. *_* Gwyneth is also something in the movie. I can’t run on high stilettos. πŸ˜› And… Samuel L. Jackson… He looks cool with an eyepatch. XDDD Even though I badly had to go the washroom, I waited for his appearance after the credits.

The following day, Mac and I were supposed to go to Harrison Plaza to look for a flash cartridge for my DS Lite. Hmm, seems I haven’t given my toy a name. O_o Anyway, all the shops there were selling it about a thousand Pesos more than the stalls Goldcrest. So, in spite of the traffic, we went to Goldcrest and got me a discounted DSTT. XDDD It can read micro SD cards of more than 4GB, so I’m happy with it. ^_^ Then I went to CD-R King to buy a Kingston micro SD card with MS PRO DUO adapter. It’s a bit more expensive than with the micro SD’s usual adapter, but I want to try with my PSP. Cheaper alternative plus Sony mem-sticks seem to easily defunct. :/ Hopefully it works. XD I haven’t done much with the DSTT yet except put some games. Now I have my DS Lite almost all the time with me. πŸ˜€

When I was still canvassing for n5 and DSTT some time ago, I came across a shop with a saleslady offering the DSTT for only PhP200. O_O Here’s how our conversation went:

Me: Excuse me. How much is the DSTT?
Saleslady: Uhhh… *gets said item* It’s PhP250, but I’ll give it to you at PhP200. Bilhin niyo na po para may benta na kami. (She’s telling me to buy the item already since they haven’t sold anything yet for the day. It was already 7PM then.)
Me: Huh??? *surprised* Talagang PhP200 lang? (English: It’s really ony Php200?)

I checked the box and saw the tag price — PhP2500. How can she miss the last 0? O_o Mac was giving me the look to buy it. But I would really feel bad if I did just because of the saleslady’s stupidity. Then I went to the other part of the store and left Mac to deal with the saleslady. I heard Mac say he would get 2. Then another saleslady went to them and asked the other how much she priced the DSTT. The other tells her offer then she got scolded. This saleslady then tells Mac it’s PhP2500 and not PhP200 nor PhP250. *lol*

Latest DA additions:

Those pictures were taken after the Makati City Grand Parade last May 9. My boyfriend and I arrived late because we didn’t know where exactly the parade will start nor where the stage is. We kept arguing almost the whole afternoon too. ~_~ I was very tired (that was the time where we didn’t have any helpers at home) and he barely cared even if I already started having foot cramps. Ugh~ XP Oh well, I’m glad I was able to take good picture with my ol’ 4MP digicam. *lol* I also used my Holga, but only took 2-3 shots with it. Mac used my PhP50 Vivitar IC100. I hope a few will come out.

Then Saturday I went to the hospital for a complete fasting blood test, ECG, and urine test. Makati Med seems very disorganized now. I don’t remember having to fall in line along the corridor while waiting for the retraction. The prices have gone insanely up either. -_- I’ll be getting the results in all tests later. I could have gotten them last Tuesday, but I got my hands full lately.

Pluggings (with some sites I unsubscribed from my Google Reader :|):

Catwalk Queen — because I had a slight interest with fashion + entertainment @_@;
Pursebuzz.com — mostly makeup reviews and info on where to get cosmetics on sale XD
YouTomb — tracks videos removed from YouTube

I wonder when my Google Reader subscriptions will become less than 10. *lol*

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