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Plugging pics

I finally have the 18th Trans Sport Show pics up! It’s been months, Shabby. *lol* There are a lot of pics and seeing them just makes me lazy. 😛 Anyway, digital shots first:

18th TSS 054

Cayman S

Pinoy Pride Car

About 70 pictures here. ^_^ Oh yeah, almost forgot this:

F-cup gurl?

*lol* Film shots from my cousin’s baptism are also up. They’re actually from the BBF test roll. XD;

18th TSS [BBF] 002v2

18th TSS [BBF] 014v2

18th TSS [BBF] 015v2

18th TSS [BBF] 016v2

The rest are here. If you noticed, they’re all on Flickr. This is thanks to Joiz who got me a FLICKR PRO account. Yes, a FLICKR PRO account!!!

Flickr PRO wahooooo~

Hee-hee~ These are the other sets that I haven’t plugged anywhere else yet. 🙂

Alfonso, CaviteGlevin's Baptism [BBF]

2nd Qtr. Clean and Green Inspection

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