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Played golf with friends who don’t know how to

My blogs and vlogs are late because I’ve been busy with work. I actually want to get off the computer right now as I’ve been in front of it the whole work week until yesterday. I just can’t do so without blogging first. (Btw, weather conditions in Luzon is not safe for activities that require going out. Stay safe everyone!)

Last week I uploaded my Sept. 26 vlog. It was when I had dinner, played golf like the best golf champion πŸ™‚ , then had coffee with friends Phoebe and Korky and the boyfriend. This is the first time again after so long that on a dinner date that we did something out of the ordinary.

20150926_182951 Dinner, Golf, and Coffee

Hana is one of my go-to Japanese restaurants; I highly recommend their takoyaki. πŸ™‚

20150926_183100 Dinner, Golf, and Coffee

20150926_190953 Dinner, Golf, and Coffee

20150926_190953 Dinner, Golf, and Coffee

20150926_192516 Dinner, Golf, and Coffee

20150926_201724 Dinner, Golf, and Coffee

20150926_212459 Dinner, Golf, and Coffee

20150926_224213 Dinner, Golf, and Coffee

I still looked fine after the golf in the picture above, yet otherwise in the video. LOL I’m happy that Korky, who was another classmate back in middle to high schools, is hanging out with us again. And I think I might have mentioned that before.

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