Planners, Chronodex, and inspiring journals

2013 is coming real close. I have been thinking if I should splurge again for another Peanuts Weekly Notebook Planner from Moleskine. I want the same planner yearly (also for the sake uniformity on my shelves). Then it occurred to me that a Moleskine planner is more expensive than getting their regular journal as I’m limited to what I can write in the former. But I will not use my stock of journals as weekly planners. They’re saved for my endless thoughts, sticker collection, and what could be trash for other folks.

Now I have decided of going digital again. I should use the new toy anyways, but only when I discover my ideal GTD/planner app.

I looked at Chronodex again which I came across on my search for journal-related sites for inspiration. Created by Patrick Ng, Chronodex for me is almost similar to a mindmap. Well, it could be. You schedule your tasks for the day then along the way you put sub-tasks and other notes. I think eventually you may be able to see what free time you may have and how much time you spend on a task.

Chronodex stickers(very useful!)

I have been intrigued on using it since seeing it. I wanted to use this on the iPad. a template was made for iOS apps Ghostwriter Notes and Noteshelf. (I used the latter.) I just don’t bring around my iPad often.

Chronodex on GhostWriter Notes iPad App

Chronodex on GhostWriter Notes iPad App

With the new toy and it being easier to bring around than the iPad, I’m looking for an Android app similar to Noteshelf. No luck so far.

Browsing through the Chronodex Flickr Group for ideas makes me want to go back to traditional. The cheapest way I can do is to print it on stickers (see first image) or on paper then cut and paste on a journal. But I don’t have access to a printer with ink. That’s why I still want to do this the digital way. Any ideas or how about app suggestions for Android that is similar to GhostWriter Notes or Noteshelf? Best if the app has an option to export to PDF and sync with Dropbox or Google Drive.

If you find yourself interested with Chronodex, you can download it here with the cost of a prayer. For more ideas, there’s also a Chronodex Facebook page.

I’ve seen a lot of really neat journal sites during my search and there are some I kept open in my tabs because I want to share ‘the inspiration’ I got from them. That reminds me… I haven’t written in my journal for more than a week. -_- I blame work. There’s also FFXIII, but I’ll not blame that. 😛

I saw this first on Tumblr then on jr__nal.

The jr__nal LJ community is for journal users to showcase their sketches or writings. Members also share and discuss the mediums they use. I find it relaxing to browse the community although I’m not a big fan of the website layout (because an appealing layout is one thing that gets me hooked on a site haha~). I’m also reminded that I’m not alone in putting so much on a single page in a journal. 😛

Simply Moleskine features and sells almost all Moleskine product out there and they also have a Me and My Molekine section which features Moleskines of people around the world. Gala Darling has a Moleskine Inspiration article from years back that might help get you on or back to actual pen and paper journaling. 😉 Notebookism is another Flickr group for art/works on notebooks.

we took the town to town last night

Andrea Joseph — I am envy after seeing her sketchblog.

How I spent my weekend

Don Moyer

Oh, I happened to find the Moleskine Fall 2012 Catalog.

The professional notebooks and the Peanuts Gift Box are veerry nice. :3 I also found a Moleskine Writing Template by Rod Graves.

So, do you use a planner? Pen and paper or have you gone digital since the start of tablets or smart phones? I know many people are into planners, some of them really write their tasks like there’s no tomorrow while some not so much. I used to be both. Now I’m managing my time ‘as wisely as I can.’

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  1. Been a fan of Andrea Joseph for a while now. I love her blog and want to be like her haha.

    I don’t really have a planner but I carry a notebook and pen with me most of the time. I use it mostly when I have time to sit down and really write, but for quick notes and reminders, I use my apps.

    When it comes to writing my thoughts down, I prefer it the old fashioned way. It allows me to rant without worrying about other people seeing it and I don’t really need to self-edit either hehe.

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