Pinky:st. x My Melody — my first Pinky:st.

Last September, I bought this Pinky:st. x My Melody from everdearest Rotch. I prefer Revoltech among other figures with Gundam and Keroro Gunsou plamo coming in second. I purchased this because it’s My Melody. It’s Sanrio! It’s cute! Hee~ I still have a girly side. 😀

Pinky_st. My Melody

After I got it 🙂

Nothing beats natural light for taking pictures.

Pinky My Melody 013 Pinky My Melody 014

Front and back

Pinky My Melody 015

Totally exposing to the sun

The following were taken with a Pentax Honeywell Spotmatic F and (expired) Konica VX100.

Pinky My Melody 005

Pinky My Melody 006

Pinky My Melody 010

Pinky My Melody 012

This is the first time I did a toy shoot using a film camera. I’m glad that most of the shots turned out good. 🙂 See more here. I also took digital shots in case the camera or film fails. The following were taken with a Lumix FS5.

Pinky My Melody 016

Pinky My Melody 017

Pinky My Melody 018

Pinky My Melody 019


Pinky My Melody 021

The Spotmatic F I used for the film pictures

Pinky My Melody 022

Also used this, but the film was exposed 🙁

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