Pinky:st. x Kuromi

Kuromi Pentax Honeywell 001

This MUST be the last Pinky:st. in my toy collection. I thought the Pinky:st. x My Melody would be the first and last, but I was surprised there’s another one in the Sanrio Pinky:st. collection. Good thing there’s only two of ’em. Revoltech alone is enough to suck my wallet dry.

Kuromi Pinky 001-002

Front and back

Kuromi Pinky 003

Kuromi comes with a ‘stuffed’ toy, what seems to be a pet, hat, neck piece (idk what that’s called. help anyone?), extra torso with different top, and a pink stand with skull prints (cute!).

Kuromi Pinky 004

Kuromi Pinky 006

Kuromi Pinky 008

Kuromi Pinky 009

Quick shot because it was windy. I was scared she might fall off four floors down. 😛

Kuromi Pinky 011

Kuromi Pinky 012

Kuromi Pinky 013

The stuffed toy can be on top of the pet 😀

Kuromi Pentax Honeywell 004

Taken with a Pentax Honeywell with expired Agfa HDC100 film

See all pictures here.

In my opinion, Kuromi is more photogenic than My Melody (and cuter) and she can do without the stand. My Melody keeps falling on her back which is annoying, but her hat’s cuter than Kuromi’s. Though cute the hat is, I don’t think it looks good on Kuromi.

She is really worth the purchase and even the wait. I hated having My Melody then finding out there’s another Sanrio Pinky:st. and not having it. I could have bought it online before, but I think the shipping and customs would have set me back.

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