PhotoWorld Asia 2016 then meeting with the Troopers and Boba Fett homies

I thought this is my first post this month. ^^;;; I know I even missed a couple of gratitude Mondays. I’ve been so busy especially because the boss is currently around. I can’t wait for some downtime. I can’t wait for the non-working holiday next week. I could relax and play Witcher 3.

How did your Valentine’s Day go? I was at work for almost half the day, which was fine since there was only one task. The boss brought us apple pie and NIC’s Red Velvet Cake. (There would have been pictures, but I wanted to go home early so I had to get busy bee.)

The couple of weeks prior the V-Day weekend, I was not feeling with. I had a terrible cough and eventually lost my voice, which is why I didn’t get to vlog then. That weekend was also the yearly PhotoWorld Asia 2016. Its trade show was held in Glorietty Activity Center and along one of the wings of Glorietta 3. I just found out they had seminars and talks in AIM (for this year, Idk with the previous years) and they don’t come with free access like the trade show. XD; Maybe I could attend to next year’s.

20160129_192858 PhotoWorld Asia 2016 20160129_193009 PhotoWorld Asia 2016

20160129_193027 PhotoWorld Asia 2016 20160129_193500 PhotoWorld Asia 2016
20160129_193815 PhotoWorld Asia 2016

Please watch the video above if you haven’t done so and click on the thumbs up and subscribe. They’re my motivation. πŸ˜€

The boyfriend and I were about to go home, I think, when we came across these Star Wars cosplayers. Of course, it’s a must I have a photo with those guys!

Why the biker trooper has a lion stuffed toy, I have no idea.
Boba Fett left. Boo~

The rest of that weekend was spent playing Battlefront. Having no voice is such a hassle!

The following Saturday, February 6, was my Uncle’s (from my Mom’s side) birthday celebration. Honestly, I don’t have very close relations with my cousins, but we’re not entirely strangers from each other. We used to play together when we were younger, but priorities and interests change a lot over time. Oh, and life happens. XD; I’m glad I saw them then.

20160206_192415 20160206_202822
20160206_201517 20160206_203208

So there’s my two-weekend report that’s not work-related.

Okay, I have to get ready because I want to go home early today. Assuming I don’t have many to do in the office. But, first, crunches!

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