PhotoWorld Asia 2010

After posting 2 pictures from this set for my Project 365, I thought it’s about time I uploaded all of them.The PhotoWorld Asia 2010 event last January went for about 3-5 days and, due to work, I was only able to go on the weekend. They had booths from various photography brands and models (but only in Canon) in the activity center and a camera exhibit located somewhere in Art Space. Our first stop was the camera exhibit.

Photoworld Asia 2010 003

Photoworld Asia 2010 004

Photoworld Asia 2010 009

The exhibit can be checked for a good 30 minutes since the venue was small. Not a single camera can be touched which I found disappointing. I wonder if the owner of all the cameras would have agreed to trade one or two of his SLRs with my toy cameras. *lol* The Diana or BBF would have been great additions to the exhibit. XDDD

There were also framed old pictures as such behind these two:

PhotoWorld Diana Mini 010

PhotoWorld Diana Mini 011

Pictures from the exhibit taken with my cellphone are here.We headed to the acivity center to check the chicks. First we saw was a mob of PROtographers flashing their cameras+dicklenses at the Canon girls. My Diana Mini beats their expensive dicks though. Hrhr~

PhotoWorld Diana Mini 002

PhotoWorld Diana Mini 003

PhotoWorld Diana Mini 004

PhotoWorld Diana Mini 006

The PROtographers wouldn’t leave the girls alone even for 5 minutes. Running out of patience, we left after getting about 3 more shots and a ‘CUTE camera!’ from Gwyneth. We checked the booth that sold cheap films. I already had Maru buy me a lot days prior, but I saw what I think is a new kind of Kodak negatives so I got those too. πŸ˜›

Jan joined us later for pizza dinner, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs movie, and a sleepover. πŸ˜€

PhotoWorld Diana Mini 017

PhotoWorld Diana Mini 020

See the rest of the PhotoWorld Asia film photos here.


  • Nagashiko

    I haven’t gone to the PhotoWorld Asia event. So are these camera’s still owned by someone? Or are they just for display now?

    And look! It’s Maru! Hahaha! I also lookedd at the rest of the pictures taken in the event. Not bad for your Diana Mini. =D

    • Shabby

      The organizers must have asked the owner to have this camera up for exhibit. They were not being sold.

      Of course the Diana Mini takes nice pictures. πŸ˜‰

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