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Pet Photography: Plain and Simple

Hobbes and Landes in Bonifacio High Street held a short talk on Pet Photography.

Pet Photography

I was already about an hour late because of the strong rain. The program didn’t start on time for the same reason and I arrived just on the nick of time.

Pet Photography 001

Pet Photography 003

Pet Photography 004
Introducing the first speaker Mr. Jojo Isorena of Betterdog

Pet Photography 005
Mr. Jojo Isorena

Mr. Isorena talked about dog behavior which is really important, not only for taking pictures, but also for the dogs to behave at all times.

Pet Photography 006 Pet Photography 007
Sit, doggies.

Pet Photography 009
Lie down.

Pet Photography 011
Standing still, I think, is one of the hardest to teach your dog.

Pet Photography 015
Also to look at you

Pet Photography 029
Styling dogs through the use of hats

They said that using hats is better than making your dogs wear tees. I think my doggie’s big enough to fit in one of my shirts. LOL A hat would work for Marie, but she would be annoyed. She will remove and destroy it.

Pet Photography 030
Spotted a flying doggie! πŸ˜€

Pet Photography 031
I like his fur

Pet Photography 038
See how groomed his fur is?

Pet Photography 033
Pet Photography 101 presentation

Pet Photography 034 Pet Photography 036

Pet Photography 037
The dog on the left is the tallest I’ve seen there

Pet Photography 040
He’s really big D: I wanted to pet him, but I was scared.

Pet Photography 017

Pet Photography 021

Pet Photography 018
Remember “Dog” from Up?

Pet Photography 026
He resembles Dog, right?

This was the oddest pet among all.

Pet Photography 042

It’s a chubby meerkat. I’m familiar with think meerkats that look like Timon from Lion King. Maybe this is a different kind.

Pet Photography 043
Curious dog is curious

Pet Photography 045
It looks sad and bored.

Flickr set: Pet Photography: Plain and Simple

The program could have been more organized if, first, they gave enough sitting room. Pet owners and their pets could have sat down near the speakers instead of having to stand at the back. But, generally, the program was alright. Mr. Isorena’s topic was the most interesting for me and the dogs gave me the happies. They are so cute! ♥ My Marie’s happy too even though we couldn’t bring her there because they gave away boxes of doggie treats.

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