(people cheering over my greatness)

Waii!! I finally got w.bloggar to work with MT!! XDDD There’s nothing to blog now. I’m bored, my eyes hurt and I gotta burn cd’s tonight ‘coz I gotta be sending them tomorrow. XP I should have sent them today, but I lacked time. Too busy and I had this freakin’ exam on Geology. I hope I don’t fail that course. It’s soO boring and tough. I dislike memorizing terminologies. I’m used with Math already. *gah* Math as my fave subject is becoming soO real now. I like Math, but I’m lazy to even try to excel it. ^^;;; I’m a girl who likes to read, write, draw, music, and MATH.

Spoz didn’t tell me starbirds was here in Manila last Saturday. Dayam. I would have met him, so I demanded that next time he tells me. What a waste ‘coz I was free the whole Saturday ‘coz I didn’t have school. ^^ If Psych boy is at school every TThS, then it’ll be everyday that I’ll look forward to school. That’s another reason why I wanna go to school. 01 – I HAVE TO become an engineer. I need the bucks yO. 02 – PSYCH BOY. XDDD

I told the hyd fans ml regarding the situation with Psych dude and Alicia says I should go for it. @____@v I’m pretty nervous/scared about it. Actually, she said I’ve been given the chance twice so I should just do it. She also added it would be very troublesome if we became friends and then if I just tell him _that_ it could end our “friendly relationship.” (She’s got some point, you know.) But if we’re sorta strangers and I tell him _that_ then it won’t be much of a problem. Then she said it wouldn’t hurt if I try. MAN, CHANCES ONLY COME ONCE! I know it wouldn’t hurt to try, but we’re betting on my feelings here. *sigh* It’s a risk I will take. *tries to smile* I’m really determined, you know. I just want people’s opinions. ^.^ What do you guys think??

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  • burigs

    i really want to know what the story you wantes to tell me but you didnt. i think that you want to tell galang that you like him? are you really sure? ipunin mo muna ang lakas mo at yung nararamdaman mo. para hindi ka magkamali. payo lang. i dont want you to think that i am not acting like your bestfriend. i am sorry if ever i said somethin that hurt you. sorry.