Other camera purchases this year

I’m going to start with the Blackbird, Fly. ^_^ I never got around to blogging about this toy. Blackbird, Fly is the first and the only TLR I’ll ever have. (GAS is bad for the wallet.) I waited for almost 2 weeks to get the camera because I had to wait for pay day. I also looked for someone to accompany me to Greenhills as I’m not familiar with that place nor do I know how to get there.

Blackbird, Fly 001
Two more here

Here are sample shots of the toy TLR:

SSHBalloons18th TSS [BBF] 015v2011023v2

Last month, I purchased the Diana Mini on the day TeamManila stores had it. XD; I asked DAD to accompany me to the MoA branch. ^_~

Diani Mini in its box

The basic package includes the camera, a strap, hardbound pictures compilation book, and manual.

Diana Mini 002

I believe the books should be removed from the package since it’s just adding to the cost. ~_~ Gaddamit, I’m BROKENATED! >_<

Diana Mini 005

TeamManila Stickers
Free stickers; I was hoping for free film XD;

See the rest of the camwhoring pictures of the Diana Mini here. ^_^ I finally got the test roll using this camera. I’m more satisfied with the results than those that came out with its big sister. DX


Pictures above are from the dinner night with Joiz, Josh, and Phoebe at TGIF. After dinner, Joiz and I went to Starbucks to buy the tumblers and have drinks while Josh and Phoebe already left. I only got to take very few film shots and just a number of digital ones. :3


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