Osaka-style TAT Japanese Restaurant

I’ve only known of TAT Japanese Restaurant after reading about it from a webpage on obscure restaurants in the Metro. With good ratings and many recommendations and at the time my Japanese food craving has escalated because my ?? (sensei) played videos of foreigners eating Japanese food, the boyfran and I agreed to check the restaurant out.

Whoever placed TAT Japanese Restaurant in Google Maps will get a bitch slap from me. Going to the restaurant wasn’t supposed to be difficult, but the location of TAT in the maps was very wrong.


In the map, the restaurant is supposed to be near Century City Mall, right? It’s not there. I told the boyfran if the restaurant is really nowhere to be found, we’ll just go to Cafe Mary Grace. But I didn’t give up easily. We found TAT Japanese Restaurant near the end of Kalayaan Ave. before the entrance of/turn to Bel-Air Village. They look a bit hidden with the plants and tree in front, but that makes their outdoor dining look comfy. With the summer heat, it might be nice to sit there with a very cold glass of tea… But, no. I’d rather stay indoors because I can’t take the crazy heat. 😛

TAT Japanese Restaurant 20150314_224748

TAT Japanese Restaurant

The restaurant was having a slow night with no other customers when we arrived. I thought the lady there was, but she turns out to be the owner. A few minutes after we arrived, another two customers came in before another group which was the last customers of the night before we left.

TAT Japanese Restaurant 20150314_210025

TAT Japanese Restaurant 20150314_211746

My order — Kimichi Maguro Don with Miso soup and pickled radish and tuna sashimi

Can’t get enough of tuna. 😀 The donburi is super delicious. I was afraid my order wouldn’t be appetizing as it sounds, but I wanted tuna on my rice that’s why I chose that. When it arrived, I knew I had made a good choice. It looked _so_ appetizing.

TAT Japanese Restaurant 20150314_211802v2

Isn’t it?

It was slightly spicy and full of flavor; very delicious. The kimchi didn’t overpower the tuna. And I’m glad it came with pickled radish. I ♥ those. 😀 The boyfran’s order was this which I’m sure he doesn’t recall the name.

TAT Japanese Restaurant 20150314_211948

We also had gyoza because the boyfran is a fan.

TAT Japanese Restaurant 20150314_211509

TAT Japanese Restaurant 20150314_210543

Tuna sashimi

TAT Japanese Restaurant claims to be Osaka-style. I’m not really familiar with Osaka except I know they have a different dialect, but TAT does have unique food choices including the donburi I had. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. I recommend this place for the assortment of food whilst still having regular favorites like the gyoza. I seem to be one of the very few who’s not into that. LOL! Also, the restaurant is quiet that you’ll definitely be able to enjoy your food because I know I did. I sometimes just have minimal tolerance to places that become school cafeterias or food courts because of people who seem to forget they’re not at home. The ambiance is also homey. Maybe that’s the Osaka-style? LOL, sorry, I really have no idea.

Food and drinks range from PhP150 to PhP600. They also have wine which I have yet to try with Japanese food. 🙂

TAT Japanese Restaurant 20150314_210006

TAT Japanese Restaurant is located at 8485 Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City.

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