Only One

Before I set ‘the mood’ of this post, you’ll see that I struck out “girl” in the lyrics for an obvious reason. I just had to make that clear. Oh, did I use the right word struck? I almost used “striked.” 😐

Stole My Heart Away
Big Mountain

You stole my heart away

Ooh baby, let me show ya…

Let me tell you now
All that’s on my mind
For a love like yours
Is, oh, so very hard to find

Look inside myself
Now I’m very sure
There can only be, you for me
I need you more and more

You, turned me inside out
And showed me what life was about
Only you, the only one that stole my heart away
I want to do all I can just to show you
Make you understand
Only you, the only one that stole my heart away

When you’re in my dreams
When I’m close to you
There’s a magic in your touch that just comes shining through
Want you every day, want you every night
There can only be you for me
You make it seem so right

Baby, you stole my heart away

In my mind there’s no other love
You’re the only girl(boy) my heart and soul is thinking of
Only you, only me
There can never ever be a love that understands the way that I feel inside

This is entitled Only One in some sites. The first time I heard this, I’ve associated (then dedicated) this song to him especially the solo. I think it’s no surprise if I said I already know how to play in the guitar most of the song. 😉

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