One Piece and DBZ Lego bootleg figures

While searching for Krazy Garlic in Greenhills Promenade, the boyfran and I came across a stall selling some Lego bootlegs and other toys. I couldn’t keep myself from buying because I saw One Piece and DBZ. T_T Thank goodness there were only a few.

JLB - One Piece Ace 003

JLB - One Piece Ace 002

Complete One Piece Lego bootlegs

I would like to have Luffy and Zorro.

JLB - One Piece Ace 004

Cards included

JLB - One Piece Ace 005

It doesn’t have that part where I can affix the hat on.

Wrong, wrong hat, I know.

JLB - One Piece Ace 006

Emo hair?

JLB - One Piece Ace 007

JLB - One Piece Ace 009

JLB - One Piece Sanji 001

Sanji from One Piece

JLB - One Piece Sanji 002

The cards are pretty much the same as those with Ace

JLB - One Piece Sanji 003

JLB - One Piece Sanji 004

The Sanji bootleg contains extra (unneeded) parts and a sword. I don’t remember him owning or using one. Lastly is Master Roshi from DragonBall Z.

DECOOL - DragonBall Z Master Roshi 001

DECOOL - DragonBall Z Master Roshi 002

DECOOL - DragonBall Z Master Roshi 003

Six figures from this collection

DECOOL - DragonBall Z Master Roshi 004

Comes with instructions and a Master Roshi card

The previous two has instructions on the box while this includes a tri-fold. For Lego bootlegs, I think I should only consider DECOOL because they usually get the characters right and don’t include odd or unneeded parts.

DECOOL - DragonBall Z Master Roshi 005

DECOOL - DragonBall Z Master Roshi 006

That beard! Here’s a shaven Master Roshi: