(one of those quiet nights again)

I feel very much happy now.


I asked Burigs if she thinks I’m being crazy and senseless if I tell somebody I like him. She replied, “YES.” Now I really feel down about it ‘coz it made me realize that when you like a person you shouldn’t tell him/her your feelings. Then she told me why so. It’s because you’ll only end up getting hurt. I don’t know if that’s right, but I don’t believe that. But then she said it all depends. I’m like, “Eh? What is it really then?” Though I never dared ask. I’m in the dumps again ‘coz I was enlightened by the words of my bestfriend. What else can I say? Her words are true, so I gotta listen. From now on, if I like someone I wouldn’t tell them anymore. Better still if I just get cold towards people, think bad things about them, and not care at all. That way I wouldn’t end up liking a person or whatever since it’s stupid and senseless to tell a person your feelings.


It’s like saying, my feelings are NOTHING at all and I’m just being a fool having these feelings. Even so, we can’t stop regretting a few things because I, for one, really regret not telling LG before that I liked him. Wow…those were the days. ^___^ I’m not the type of person who expects something in return. As they say, “It’s the thought that counts.” Yeah, that saying doesn’t only apply with gifts and stuff. It’s applicable in a lot of situations. In this situation, don’t try to expect something in return. It’s nice to think of it just a bit, but it’s more important to tell a person you like him/her. The chance is always there, you just have to make it happen.

Alas, I’m really thankful for my bestfriend for enlightening me…my point of view has changed.

Finally! Someone agrees with me! And I didn’t have to research the same way he did. Sorry Avril fans. ^_~

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