Ondoy flood + emergency hotlines

Ketsana (aka Ondoy) has caused serious flooding all over Metro Manila and in provinces up north. In my area, the flood still has not subsided. When the flood level lowers down, it starts raining hard again. Only our ground floor was affected, but what I worry most is my Mom who’s still out. She was stranded in MoA SMX because of a dental convention. Now I heard she’s at a friend’s place. I hope the flood subsides real soon, so she can go home. 🙁

Both our Globe and PLDT landlines are kaput. Globe has failed since morning and now the cellular signal too. ~_~ Just when there’s an urgent need for communication.

Ondoy Flood [2009-0926] 001

Ondoy Flood [2009-0926] 002

Yeah, that’s our street.

Ondoy Flood [2009-0926] 003

It’s hard to walk there with an ongoing roadwork. ~_~

Ondoy Flood [2009-0926] 004

Our garage

I saw a cockroach on our garage wall prolly trying to save itself. ~_~ I wouldn’t want to walk in the flood near my place. When the roadwork started, sewer rats came out and some were killed because of the construction equipment. Ewww~ There were girls screaming earlier as the guys saw rats and even a snake in the flood. Geebuz~

As much as I would to help rescue people, I can’t. -_- The least I can do for now is to spread these EMERGENCY HOTLINES information. Many people are stranded and have lost homes.

National Disaster Coordinating Committee

9111406, 9111873, 9122665, 9115061, 9125296, 9125668

Help Hotlines

7342118, 7342120

Philippine Coast Guard


Red Cross

143 or 5270000

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

136, 8966000, 09209471632, 09175618709

Taguig Emergency Hotline


Bureau of Fire Protection Region III (Central Luzon) Hotline

(045) 9634376



Senator Noynoy Aquino’s office (contact Jana or Clare)


Senator Richard Gordon’s Office

09178997898, 0938-444BOYS, 9342118, 4338528

Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. Emergency Hotlines — for dumptrucks going to flooded areas for rescue of stranded people

09174226800, 09172414864, 09276751981

Red Cross Rubberboats

09178997898, 0938442697

NCRPO Hotline

For rubber boats and trucks – 8383203

For rescue – 8383354

Dump trucks for Rescue

09174226800, 09276751981

2009-0928 UPDATE: For missing loved ones or if anyone is need of immediate help, please use this form.

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  1. whoa, good thing you were on a high and dry place. thats what i hate bout the flood: rats, roaches, snake.
    had a lot of those last sept26 on our house.

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