Old Philippine Peso bills

Since BSP released commemorative Philippine Peso bills, I began collecting them as souvenirs. But came December 2014, it was announced that old banknotes including the commemorative ones will be demonetized by January 2017. They can be used until last December 2015 and exchanged within this year of 2016. I intended to keep mine, but, alas, I couldn’t for reasons need not mentioned.

20151221_080004 Old Peso Bills

20151221_080025 Old Peso Bills

20151221_080042 Old Peso Bills

20151221_080054 Old Peso Bills

20151221_080119 Old Peso Bills

20151221_080150 Old Peso Bills

20151221_080226 Old Peso Bills

20160227_224328 Old Peso Bills
Sorry, I had no idea this turned out to be a blurry photo.
20160227_224404 Old Peso Bills

20160227_224426 Old Peso Bills

20160227_224611 Old Peso Bills

Regular banknotes:

20160227_224257 Old Peso Bills

20160227_224447 Old Peso Bills

I’m keeping the 10-Philippine Peso bill since this was replaced with a bimetallic coin.

20160227_224521 Old Peso Bills

20160227_224545 Old Peso Bills

The commemorative issues I had were already many, but I believe there are more I didn’t get to see or hold.

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