Old and new loot :)

It’s a habit of mine to buy stuff then forget about them for weeks or months. šŸ˜› Here are some of the things I bought since months ago and just yesterday.

DS Stylus Dororo and Giroro

Dororo and Giroro stylus for the Nintendo DS

Those were a lucky find in a department store. I was just looking around gaming consoles and gadgets while waiting for the gas stove my parents asked as a Christmas present. These were lost among game cartridges. Not only were they a lucky find, they were even discounted. I got them at PhP100 (about $2) each.

DS Stylus Giroro 001

Giroro stylus

DS Stylus Giroro 002

Such a bad job, but it’s still cute. šŸ˜›

DS Stylus Dororo 001

Dororo stylus

DS Stylus Dororo 002

Dororo’s that’s also badly done ^^;;;

I only wanted Giroro, but Dororo barely gets love so I bought him too. šŸ˜› I remember how the salesman pissed me off by offering me a different (and boring) stylus after I asked about those two. I wanted the Keroro Gunsou goodies and he was giving me something else. Grrr~ Has that happened to you?

DS Stylus Keroro Gunsou

Should I get the rest?

I wonder if the store has all of them now.

Next in the loot is this blending brush by E.L.F. which I bought from Watsons Mall of Asia. Ooh, this was last May when J treated us to cake and gilbz treated us to pizza at Yellow Cab. šŸ˜€

ELF Blending Brush 001

Then two Sundays ago, Joiz and I met up for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) free swirl. It was then that I saw the cute mug version of their disposable cups. In spite of being almost poor, I went ahead and bought one. šŸ˜€

CBTL Mug 2010-0802 001

CBTL Mug 2010-0802 002

CBTL Mug 2010-0802 003

The cover is made of RUBBER

CBTL Mug 2010-0802 004

Such an expensive mug. ^^;;; After our swirls, Joiz and I went to La Senza and bought bralalas. šŸ˜€

La Senza Bralala


Joiz wanted that design, but they’re out of her size. I wouldn’t have gotten this either if it wasn’t for our shocking discovery. DX

Last, but not the least, is the Zara jacket I have been wanting for months!

Zara Jacket

I thought I must get it as a birthday gift for myself. So I did. Got it yesterday on its original price which makes me wanna cry. Then again, I don’t want to deprive myself even though I am hitting poverty. LOL *sobs*

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