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I have so much Japanese series to watch and catch up on to. So far, I’ve seen four with three of which I’ll be blogging about. Starting off with Ohitorisama — about Akiyama Satomi, 33 years old, who teaches in an exclusive school for girls. She’s called “ohitorisama” because, roughly put, she’s diligent at work and isn’t romantically involved. She enjoys and is content with her single life. She used to have a boyfriend, but they broke up when the guy proposed to her. She believed she couldn’t handle both work and being a wife. Her boyfriend was dismayed that he left her instead. ^^;;; (I think if you love someone, you can wait for them and not just leave them like that. How selfish!)

A young man who’s 10 years younger was hired to be an instructor at the school who she had to look after as requested by the principal. To make things more _exciting_ for her, he had to live with her discreetly until the principal found out. The principal was alright with this, but she still had to ask him to find a place until he gets money.

The plot’s pretty much predictable. Still, I watched it until the end.

Ohitorisama cast
Ohitorisama cast

The series was slightly rushed especially on the part when Satomi realized she has developed a liking for that young instructor. Then when things get interesting for the two, her ex-boyfriend and another man comes into the picture. Both are promising men — total opposite of the young instructor. In real life, it wouldn’t be too easy to choose from those three guys. Or if I were in Satomi’s position, I would go crazy. DX Then again, being young is a big plus for me. I enjoy the thought of older women dating younger guys. That even applies in real life. Hrhr~ I go out with such guys, but not as young as the instructor in Ohitorisama. I… I don’t wanna go to jail. O_O LOL

Rating: 6/10

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