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Oh man… >_< It’s been a long time

It’s been a long time since I posted. Gomen nasai. I know some people are actually visiting this. Gomen, gomen…

Queer as H.O.T by KinKi Kitten and Akasha: H.O.T; comedy
The first three chapters are posted in Temptation. It’s funny! ^__________~ H.O.T fans (must be also interested with g-fics!) will like this…I can’t imagine a Junnie-obsessed Jae Won. *LoL*

No One’s Fault by Patch: Sailor Moon; PG-13, taff
Waii, a short but cute ficcie. ^_^ I was in a real sentimental when I read this one. *sigh* Don’t you hate it when things turn worst then you don’t know what to do next? ^_~

36 Moons by Kang Ta’s Baby: original fic
Hmm, I suggest that this fic is R. *sweatdrop* Too much swearing, drugs, violence, sex…you know the deal. Anywayz, this is a good read. I haven’t gotten to reading half of it, but it’s getting there. ^_^ If you wanna read, you can find info in Kang Ta’s Baby’s blog. Matte, I think I already mentioned this fic here before. O_o’

Triangle Tangle by CATS: Sailor Moon; NC-17, hentai
>D I really don’t like hentai, but it would be nice to review something else rather than yaoi and yuri for a change, ne?? The author must be a fan of Mina and Darien, pairing them together. I don’t see ’em that way and even if I imagine it…nah…I really think they don’t click together well. There is threesome in this fic. You would never guess who the other one is. I was totally _icked_ by it. (If there is such a term for that!) E-mail the author for a copy of the story or you can find it in the Sakura Lemon Fanfic Archive. Share to me what you think of it, aiite? ^_^

Touch Me Gently by Sailor Aphrodite: Sailor Moon; NC-17, hentai, yuri, het
This line — Her sea-green eyes shone with a luster that wasn’t just happiness — really caught my attention. Let me know if there is such word as “luster”…it would be added in maii dictionary. ^^v There’s a bit of a plot in here…not those common hentai PWPs. Heheeheh~ You can find a copy of this fic at the site mentioned above. If the above addy of the author won’t work, you can also use this one — sephirajo@aol.com.

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