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Off with their heads!

Last June 27, Plurk friends and I planned a toy shoot and trade-off. It was supposed to be held last May, but got delayed a month further because the mastermind kept canceling. He still didn’t go in the end. =_= Those able to were Kat, Karen, Joiz, and Drew. Maru soon followed, but only to check on us.

I used my (heavy) Pentax Asahi Honeywell, but I wasn’t able to load the film properly. I found out about that just the other day. *facepalms* What a stupid I am. Good thing I thought of taking several pictures using the crap camera of my Omnia. 😐

View the rest in my Flickr or Figure.fm account. 🙂

The pictures aren’t safe for kids’ viewing, I think. My apologies. Those were the days I was so down and out of it because of some life-changing problem. Gore, gruesome, and violence were all I could think of.

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