Nuat Thai and their foot and mixed body massages

Before I do my usual Gratitude Log and because I’m excited about this, I want to share first my experience with Nuat Thai.

Nuat Thai in Iloilo City

I had a massage not too long ago, but I thought I should have one already. My back was stiff and aching and I want to release some stress. I went to Nuat Thai because they were the nearest at hotel I stayed at. They offer foot scrub and foot, back, and full body massages with prices ranging from PhP250 to PhP400. I heard that Thai massage involves deep pressure and oil isn’t used. I was unsure if that would satisfy me being that I’m used to a Swedish massage or the kind that kneads every part of your body with oil. XD; Fortunately, they offer a mixed Thai and Swedish massage. But I also want a foot massage! Fortunately, again, they have this package offer of a 30 minute foot massage and an hour of mixed massage only for PhP350. That’s already a great deal.

They had my feet soaked in warm water first for a few minutes before I was directed to the foot massage area. In this branch I went to, they have about four reclining chairs. I think there were more guys than ladies at the time I was there. ^^;;; My therapist started right away without asking if I wanted it soft, normal, or hard. I guess that doesn’t apply with Thai massage. 😐 But she did ask if the pressure was alright. It was, actually. If I requested for it to be harder, I think I would be using crutches or a wheelchair by this time. LOL I like the foot massage because of the gentle stretching.

After that, I was ushered to the body massage area. It was my first time to have a Thai massage, so I was surprised that it is done on the floor. Then I found out that the massage doesn’t only involve deep pressure, but also stretching. Anyway, my feet and legs were worked on first then my arms, back, and head. I fell into a nap when the therapist massaged my face. 🙂

The massage really felt great! I have been wary of massage techniques I haven’t tried before since there were some that I felt I wasted money on. But this is something else and I now understand why some likes it. For me though, I find it best with Swedish massage. They make an ultimate combo to relieve a tired body.

The only negative thing I can say with my Nuat Thai experience was the hardly pleasing staff. I don’t remember being warmly welcomed. My therapist hardly gave instructions on what I should do. I didn’t know I had to lie on my back first as opposed to the usual laying on the stomach. But the therapist didn’t forget to ask how the pressure was and she gave a really relaxing massage. In fact, I gave her a generous tip for it. 🙂

So… Give Nuat Thai a try. They have branches all over the Philippines. I recommend them for the awesome massage and affordable rates if you don’t mind the kinda snobby staff. But the snobs may be just in the branch I went to.

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