Not sleeping yet

Death Note I want the RYUK figure! *_*

Is it summer again? The heat’s sucking out all my energy. My Dad, on the other hand, is having high bp; kinda like going on a heat stroke. :/ That started during their WB training at Boracay. *shakes head*

The other day, I was supposed to stay home and sleep. But I remembered I had to ship some items, so I went with my ‘rents first to Baclaran to pick-up a drill they wanted to be fixed before we headed to Mall of Asia. I dropped by at Air21 while my parents headed to the Supermarket for merienda (snack/s). I joined them right after. I had Chinese fresh lumpia that is very full of garlic. D: It was hard to get off the taste from my mouth even with brushing.

I planned on practicing the night our new lineup for the Friday the 13th gig, but ended up playing SMB3 (NES), playing WEWY, editing ads in eBay, and cleaning my guitar. *lol* I can’t stop playing with Diego (kinda sounds pervy *lol*). Effin’ addicting games! WEWY is so addicting that I even got its soundtrack to listen to while I ain’t playing. Fufu~ And! I still haven’t finished FFXII. ^_^V I just realized that what sucks with old games is that you can’t save. I had to keep Diego on until I could finish SMB3 or else I’d restart from World 1.

I played until 5:30AM while I waited for my computer to load. Firefox kept freezing. It does that when I have GMail, Google Notebook, and Plurk open along with other tabs. I wanted to finish editing my ads in my eBay account before going to sleep, so that when I wake up I would start and finish other things. *lol* I really should change that habit. Anyway, my Dad woke me up at 7:30AM. I was going with them for the weekly grocery because I needed to go to Air21 to ship some items. We went home by lunch then I fell asleep right after. I didn’t wake up until 4PM when Mac suddenly came in my room. He told me that he and Rayton kept texting me and buzzing our doorbell. They’ve been waiting so long downstairs. Haha~ I was so deep in sleep. EJ, our trumpet player, kept texting me as well. ^_^V

I fixed myself up to get ready for band practice. After some time, we’re (hopefully) playing again. XD Announcement of the gig to be posted later. All I can say for now is that we have a 45-minute set. I haven’t played with my guitar for months that my fingers hurt again. -_-


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