Nice first week of the year

Some of you may have been looking forward to 2012 as you deem it the time to start anew. I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to wait for a new year, next month, tomorrow, or later to change. Why put it off? The moment you wanted change was the ‘right’ time. I know change doesn’t happen overnight, yet we can start with something for the change to happen.

The later part of 2011 was a mix of happiness and sadness for me. I was happy for the opportunities to travel to so many places I didn’t expect I would be able to go. But I was torn with the problems in my relationships. I wanted change. But I knew that wouldn’t happen overnight and I don’t think I can wait for this year to make things better. I started by improving (again) my way of thinking. I told myself things will get a lot better. I had to learn again how to let go of a situation. Worrying over uncontrollable problems will not do anything. Well *skips all the serious and dramatic details*, slowly, I felt and saw some improvement in matters more than just in my relationships.

I was actually afraid for this year to come. All the self-help did me well, so now I’m not that scared. The first week of the year started good for me. I had problems here and there, but I forgot about them because of the good things. I don’t think there will be more good and exciting things that will happen to me if I’m still lazy and let negative thoughts get the most of the me.

I got to celebrate New Year’s not only with the family, but also with Jan and Marco. I started getting productive by sorting things in my room. I need space for more trash. XDDD I’m able to catch up with the piling work (until now too). I had a very nice dinner and dessert with the speshuls Joiz, Kat, Drew, and Ry. Of course, there’s my ♥ too.

(The following are pictures from my dinner and dessert with Joiz, Kat, Drew, and Ry.)


PICT0129 PICT0130
PICT0132 PICT0133
The dinner at Robot with (top to bottom, left to right) Drew, Kat, Joiz, and Ry represented by Gloomy Bear. XD

I still need to make resolutions for this year. So far, aside from starting sorting things in my room, my blogging is more frequent than before. My other blogs are getting updated. Yay! And I already have travel plans. ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to go back to gaming too.

Anyway, how was everyone’s start of the year? I hope it was good.









PICT0154 PICT0155
PICT0156 PICT0158
Thanks, Joiz, for sharing your cheesecake. ๐Ÿ˜€

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