New zipper pulls and figures

Last night’s dinner was with Joiz, Sara, and my brother at my favorite place. I’m still amazed at Joiz’s achievement with her finishing a club house sandwich. XD

I was the first to arrive in the restaurant, so I checked the toys and figures while I waited. I don’t know if that was a good idea or not. I ended up with several Gloomy Bear zipper pulls, a keychain (I forget at the moment from what series it is), and Gremlins Gizmo and Stripe.

Everything cost me less than PhP1,500! 😀 The best thing about this is that I got the Body Blow Gloomy Bear zipper pull. I have been wanting and wishing to get that. I guess it was a great idea to delay purchasing the zipper pulls until last night. XD

Because of the Gremlins purchase, I want to invite the usual suspects for a toy/figure shoot. Paging Kat, Drew, Joiz, and Ry.

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