New Year’s celebration :D

I forgot to export to HD. =_= Anyway, deal with it. HAHA~

The family had shabu shabu for New Year’s Eve dinner. My dad had his own style though in spite my telling him how to do the broth and include the ponzu soy sauce. I intentionally skipped the sesame sauce because I couldn’t find it in the groceries I went to and I was too lazy to make my own. We also had fried chicken plus some medicines here and there.




Then I played Borderlands before heading to the rooftop to see fireworks from neighbors, Ayala CBD, and Pasay City. There seemed to be fewer this time compared to previous years. But still better than a quiet New Year. Yes, I experienced that and it was… Well, I just got wine-drunk then.


After glasses of Asti and two servings of ice cream, my bro and I played Borderlands until 6AM. I’ve been doing almost yearly that playing until morning over New Year’s.

We had my doggie keep us company, but she fell asleep. Exhausted from the fireworks and running around and playing.



I guess many were like that too after a huge New Year’s eve feast. 😀 I hope you did not sulk or complain how shitty 2013 might have been for you. New Year’s is a time of celebration; to look back at both good and bad times and how your experiences have shaped you to what or how you are now.

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