New Year, New Planner–Jibun Techo Mini 2020

I drafted this post last weekend; it was ready for checking. But I began to watch Crash Landing on You, so I didn’t bother with anything else anymore. LOL! I’ve never been this engrossed in a Korean drama in a very long time. But, let’s move on to the topic. 🙂

A new year means a new planner. 🙂 I found “planner peace” in the Jibun Techo, so I decided to get it again for this year. Its weekly spread works for me, and I can fully utilize it; however,  I still can’t keep the habit of writing in it daily.  I feel as though I’ve been unproductive when I see a lot of empty, unwritten spaces. Sometimes I need to remind myself that it just can’t be helped. When I get too busy at work, I can’t be bothered to do anything else.

Jibun Techo Mini

I got the Mini, which only has the Diary booklet. It’s all I need and the Idea booklet for journaling. I didn’t get a new Idea booklet because the one from last year still has many pages left.

The Mini is amazingly thin. I love it.

My setup this year is just the Diary and Idea booklets. I didn’t put the Idea booklet inside the cover out of fear I might stretch the cover’s spine part. I use a Starbucks pouch, which came with their planner from 5 years ago, I guess, to put both in as protection too. My bag can be a mess.

The Mini still includes a cover that saved me money and time. I didn’t have to search anymore, nor would I have to be so torn which cover to get (Hobonichi users might understand). The difference with this year’s cover from the last is the front cover flap has three card pockets, while the back flap has only one card pocket and a writing instrument holder.

Speaking of a writing instrument, I use a Pentel Orenz 0.2 Mechanical Pencil for this planner. I prefer a fountain pen, but my inks aren’t quick dry. Could it be the paper? I don’t know. Also, the EF tips of my fountain pens aren’t thin enough for the Diary’s small line spaces. I have small handwriting, but I need to write smaller with this Jibun Techo. I wouldn’t use a thick pen tip on it.
Here are some photos of what’s inside the Mini Diary. I don’t think there’s a big difference between it and the regular.

I would use the Money Plan spread, but I have yet to learn what those Japanese texts are.

Monthly Spread
It’s in August because it’s my birth-month 🙂
Weekly spread

The weekly task list works for me because it’s flexible, it’s more realistic, doesn’t give me any pressure, and it’s less stressful. There are tasks I still need and can quickly accomplish, particularly for work, but some could take a day or more.

I reconsidered going fully digital, but I remembered my unsuccessful first attempt a couple of years ago. It’s easier to be lazy or to forget inputting tasks. I often end up just doing what I felt doing at the time. I had no record of work activities to refer to when I had to create my monthly timesheet.

Going fully digital would be more convenient. Still, it can’t beat pen and paper. For me, that is. Writing down tasks also helps me remember.

If you happen to be an all-digital planner or if you still use a journal or planner, please share how you do it or how you make it work. 🙂 I was able to improve my planning (even just a little) and get some ideas after looking endlessly on Tumblr and Pinterest before. It became an addiction, I tell you.

I’m into minimalistic planners, by the way. I tried washi tapes and stickers before but realized how it consumed a lot of my time. My planner looked messy too; not Pinterest-worthy, if you know what I mean. 😛

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